January 2018

Progress report - November 2018

Welcome to 2018


Animations now are fully serialized and a tool has been made to implement and modify existing animations which uses the new file format holding said animations in (in a binary form in lieu of plaintext).  Additionally, objects have been serialized and a similar tool to the animator will be made and enable addition of further assets such as props and whatnot without extra coding, increasing productivity.

User Interface

ImGUI library has been added to the game engine, which will be used for future tools, is already being used for the game console and inventory screens, and possibly more.

Misc changes

  • Map editor allows deletion and relocation of existing entities.
  • Map editor allows snapping to a user-defined grid.
  • Developer console has been implemented in a GUI form, with the old CMD window to be soon deprecated and removed.
  • Minor optimization to NPC path-finding algorithms.
  • Minor optimization for bullet hitscan calculations.
  • Inventory screen enabling transfer of items.
  • NPCs now can die, albeit with missing death animation.

I plan to focus on optimizing and cleaning up the existing infrastructure alongside adding new things, as current performance is way too low to be acceptable.

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